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Trust is a cornerstone of our corporate mission. Crunchitas.gr makes every effort to maintain your confidence by protecting the personal information that is collected and used by you to provide you with quality services.

This Privacy Policy describes the information gathered on crunchitas.gr, how it is used, and how it is protected, as well as the options you have regarding the use of your information and how to delete it, to correct or change them.

The practices of crunchitas.gr regarding the confidentiality of your information comply with the following requirements:

European Union Data Protection Directive (GDPR)

Relevant national and local data protection legislation.

Crunchitas.gr is committed to protecting the confidentiality of its customers, associates, members and visitors and takes maximum account of its obligation to ensure the security of their personal data, following Regulation 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data and repealing Directive 95/46 / EC (General Data Protection Regulation). It shall implement all those set out and published in the Official Journal of the European Union on 04/05/2016.

Information covered by this policy

This privacy policy concerns the information of visitors, and / or members, and / or consumers, including personal information, that collects and uses crunchitas.gr.

By using the crunchitas.gr websites and mobile applications or by providing your personal information at crunchitas.gr in any other way, you consent to the collection, use, storage, processing and disclosure of your information based on this policy. Please read this Privacy Policy carefully and, if you have any questions, please contact us.

Personal information is information, or a combination of information that can be used to identify you.

Information collected by crunchitas.gr

We can collect information about you from various sources. Possible ways of collecting information include collecting information directly from you, gathering information during your visits to our sites, viewing our online content, or using our mobile or other applications, and gathering information about you from other sources.

Information we collect directly from you

The collection of information directly from you takes place when you choose to participate in our offers and programs when you create an account on a company website or in a mobile app when you contact us by phone or email or when you provide us with information in any other way. Below, you can see some examples of information that we can collect directly from you:

Full name

Email address

Phone number and conversation logs when calling our company's customer service line.

Information we collect when you visit our sites, see our online ads or offers or use our mobile apps or other services

In order to collect information when you visit our web sites, view our online ads or offers, or use our mobile apps or other services, we use cookies and other technologies. Below, you can see some examples of information we can collect with these technologies:

About the browser and operating system of your device

IP address

Websites you've visited

Links you have selected

Email from crunchitas.gr you have opened or not opened, links to what you have visited etc

Information gathered through mobile apps

When you download our apps to your mobile device, we may collect information you provide. We also automatically collect information through our apps.

Below, you can see some examples of what kind of information we might automatically collect through our apps:

Promotional ID or other similar ID

Information about your device's operating system

Options for gathering information through mobile apps

Answers to questions or requests

Send samples, offers, products and information

Develop new products and services

Registration of the consumer in competitions, programs or offers he has requested

Create and manage a consumer account

Send email and / or letters with information about the products and services of crunchitas.gr and other content that we believe may be of interest to you, including information about products and services provided by our carefully selected business partners

Create and deliver ads according to your interests, including interest-based ads

Personalizing the experience of using our sites with personalized products and information

Consumer participation in social networking activities from our sites

Analysis of the use of our products, services and advertisements

Enforcing our terms and conditions and managing our business activities in a different way

Notification of information

The success of our business depends on the confidence you show us. We do not sell your personal information to marketing companies other than crunchitas.gr. We share your personal information with the companies owned by the legitimate owner of crunchitas.gr and in accordance with this policy. We disclose your personal information to marketing companies outside of crunchitas.gr only if we have obtained your consent or as provided in this policy.

Joint promotional actions with carefully selected business partners

Crunchitas.gr can collect personal and other information as part of joint advertising programs or other joint actions with a business partner and share your information with this partner. With respect to these programs, we will make it clear to you when collecting the information that this information will be disclosed to the companies owned by crunchitas.gr and the affiliate business partner and we will ask for your consent as required by the relevant legislation.

Third-party service providers

Third-party service providers conduct various business activities on our behalf and rely on them for this purpose. In this context, you may need to share your personal information with them. The service providers we partner with provide only the personal information needed to provide the requested services and we require that they protect this information and not use it for any other purpose.

For example, we may rely on a service provider for the following:

To fulfill your requests for products and services and to answer your questions.

Host our web sites and deliver the email or other emails we send.

Send product samples, communicate with winners of the contests, manage payments or take other actions on our behalf.

Analyze our data - sometimes in conjunction with data from other sources - and communicate with you.

Carry out surveys and analyze data to improve our products, services, and web sites.

If permitted by law, combine the personal information collected by crunchitas.gr for you with other personal information collected by our business partner so that we can send you personalized advertising messages together. In these cases, our business partner is not entitled to use the data of crunchitas.gr or the combined data for his / her own, independent marketing purposes. The service provider has the right to use all information for the sole purpose of sending common messages that we hope will be of interest to you. If you do not wish to receive such joint messages, you may request that this communication be terminated at any time by following the instructions in each relevant message or by this privacy policy, as indicated above.

Provide other services that we ask for.

Other cases

We may share your personal information:

In the context of selling a product or service of crunchitas.gr to another company.

Banks and credit and debit companies that may need specific information to technically support the addition of an online shopping opportunity to the website that you have requested us to manufacture for you and to ensure the security of transactions and payments to it .

To protect and defend the rights and property of crunchitas.gr (including the enforcement of the terms and conditions of our company).

When required by law and / or government authorities.

Space for keeping personal information

Crunchitas.gr will retain your personal information for as long as it is necessary to fulfill the purposes described in this privacy policy, unless the relevant legislation provides for or allows for their continued existence for a longer period of time.

Concentrated and non-personal information

As part of its business objectives, crunchitas.gr provides aggregated and / or anonymous information that can not lead to your identification. For example, we may share the number of people who have visited the crunchitas.gr website or have used our services. We may also disclose aggregate and / or anonymous information to our business partners for their own business purposes.

Options & access to information

You have different choices regarding communication between us.

Email communication

You can stop receiving promotional emails from crunchitas.gr by following the relevant instructions in each such message you receive.

Mail communication

You can stop receiving promotional material by mail from crunchitas.gr following the relevant instructions in each letter of this kind.

SMS messages

Sending SMS messages only if you have explicitly requested it (active consent). You can stop receiving promotional SMSs by following the relevant instructions provided through the respective program.

NOTE: We will respect your request to discontinue the sending of email, SMS, and letters from crunchitas.gr. However, we may continue to communicate with you within certain services, e.g. to send you an email to confirm the purchases you have made through our web sites. We may also keep some information in our file, e.g. in order to ensure that we meet the demands of consumers who have requested not to receive specific types of messages.

Cookies and other technologies

Crunchitas.gr and third-party service providers use a variety of technologies to evaluate the use of their site or their mobile apps, personalize your experience, and provide you with ads, including online content, customized your interests. Some technologies we can use are:


Cookies are small text files that are placed on your device when you visit a website and can be identified by the site where they were placed. We use the information that cookies collect to identify your identity and preferences when you connect to a website, offer you advertisements, offers or other content according to your interests and evaluate the use of our sites. You can allow or prohibit the placement of cookies by adjusting your browser settings accordingly.

Cookies may be either permanent or relate to a single connection. In general, permanent cookies are stored by the browser and remain active either until their expiration date or until the user is deleted. Those that relate to a single session expire when the connection closes when the navigator is shut down.

Cookies do not store elements that can personalize the user, but personal information stored by the site and relating to users / visitors can be linked to the information that is stored and can be obtained from cookies.

Only "permanent" cookies, only cookies pertaining to a connection / session and "permanent" cookies and cookies used in a link / session or a combination of all of these, may be used on the site and linked apps.

The names of the cookies used on the site or related applications, and the reasons why they are used, are listed below:

are used (a cookie name) on the site or linked apps (to identify a computer when a user visits the site or linked apps / to monitor user navigation on the site or linked apps / to allow the use of a "shopping cart "On the site or linked applications / to improve the usability of the site or related applications / to analyze the use of the site or related applications / to manage the site or its bind applications / to prevent fraud and improve site and related security security / to personalize the site or related apps / to target specific advertising messages to specific users who may be interested in them.

Most users' browsers allow them to refuse cookies, for example:

(a) In Internet Explorer (version 11), they can suspend using cookies by using cookie bypass settings by choosing 'Tools', 'Internet Options', 'Privacy' and then 'Advanced'.

(b) In Firefox (version 39), you can suspend the use of all cookies by selecting "Tools", "Options", "Privacy", then selecting "Use Personal Parameters for History" from the drop down menu and finally unchecking " cookies from sites ".

(c) In Chrome (version 44), they can suspend using cookies by going to the "Control and Customization" menu and selecting "Settings", "Advanced Settings Viewing" and "Content Settings" and selecting " under the heading "Cookies".

(d) In Safari (version 5.1.7), you can suspend using cookies by choosing 'Choosing Safari', 'Preferences', then selecting 'Privacy' then proceeding with any of the following actions. Permanent Suspension of Cookies: Safari does not allow any site, third parties or advertisers to store cookies and other data on the Mac. Some sites may not work properly because of this.

Use Cookies Only from Existing Site: Safari accepts cookies and site information only from the site where the user is currently logged in. Often, some sites have built-in content from other sources. Safari does not allow third parties to store or access cookies or other items.

Allowed Use by All Sites I Visited: Safari accepts cookies and site elements only from sites visited by the user. Safari uses your existing cookies to determine if it has visited.

Please keep in mind that newer versions of browsers may have minor or larger changes to how cookies are configured and used. For more and up-to-date relevant information, please check the cookies settings for each web browser you are using.

Other technologies

We may also use other technologies, such as web beacons and JavaScript, which sometimes work in conjunction with cookies and other portable devices in order to be able to recognize your device. These other technologies help enable some of the features of our web sites and mobile apps.

Interest-based ads

When using our sites or our mobile apps, you may receive personalized ads, offers, or other content based on your interests. Interest-based ads are online ads for products and / or services of crunchitas.gr and / or selected business associates that have been customized according to your interests and are sent to your device using a cookie or other identifier assigned to the device. These cookies or other identifiers are placed in general interest categories, which can be deduced from information such as the following:

The webpages you see and the links you choose on the crunchitas.gr website and other companies you visit.

The portable device applications you are using.

The email from crunchitas.gr you open and the links you click through these emails.

Demographic data.

Online and non-market data.

Our interest-based advertising systems are designed to send you ads solely on the basis of data that can not be used for your identification.

We respect the confidentiality of your information

You can restrict interest-based ads you receive on websites or mobile apps in a variety of ways.

Options for receiving interest-based advertising on web sites

You can stop receiving interest-based ads from crunchitas.gr on web sites by deleting and not allowing cookies to be downloaded in your browser. You can stop receiving interest-based advertising on web sites by companies participating in the Network Advertising Initiative by going to https://www.networkadvertising.org/optout_nonppii.asp.

If you reside in the U.S., Canada, and European countries, you can use the Ad Options link in this privacy policy and the corresponding sites at crunchitas.gr to indicate that you do not want to receive ads based on interest on web sites. Crunchitas.gr will respect your choice.

Options for receiving interest-based ads in mobile apps

Some newer portable mobile operating systems allow you to restrict the use of information to send interest-based ads to mobile apps. You can check your device settings to see if your operating system includes these options.

Third-party ads on the crunchitas.gr website

We may allow third parties, including our business partners and ad networks, to display ads on the crunchitas.gr website. Some of these companies may use cookies or other technologies to recognize your device every time they send you an online ad. This way, they can spot where you saw their ad, whether you or other people using your computer, and send you ads that they think you are interested in.

Links to other companies' web sites and social media

The crunchitas.gr web sites may include links that link to other sites' sites. Crunchitas.gr does not control the sites of other companies and prompts you to read the privacy policy of each website you visit.

Additions of social networks and other companies

Our sites may include additions from social networks or other companies. An addition, for example, is Facebook's "Like" button. If allowed by the relevant legislation, these additions may communicate and send information to the companies to which they belong, even if you have not selected them. This information may include your IP address, browser and device information, and the website address you visit on our site. Loading, using, or choosing an add-on can lead to the placement, reading, and transmission of cookies. These cookies may include a unique identifier assigned to you by the corresponding social network or the third company. Loading, operations, and use of any addendum are governed by the privacy policy and terms set by the company to which the addendum belongs.

Connect to a social network or other company account

Our web sites can provide you with connectivity through a social network or other company account. An example of linking through another account is "Connect via Facebook". When you sign in to one of our sites via a social networking account or another company, we may be able to collect information that you grant us access to from our social network or company. When you use this connectivity, information can also be transferred to the corresponding social network or company, e.g. your username and password to check your identity. The social network or third party can also automatically collect information such as your IP address, browser and device information, and the address of the website you visit on our site. Using this connectivity can also lead to the placement and reading of cookies by the third party, which may include a unique identifier assigned to you by the social network or the third party company. The functionality and use of the connectivity feature is governed by the privacy policy and terms established by the company providing it.

Content created by users

Some web sites and applications at crunchitas.gr allow users to submit their own content for competitions, blogs, videos and other features. Please be aware that the information you submit or post on the crunchitas.gr website in the form of user-generated content becomes public. You must be particularly careful when deciding to disclose personal, financial or other information in the submission of such content or publications. Crunchitas.gr can not prevent the use of this information by third parties in a way that violates your current privacy policy, laws or privacy and your security. Crunchitas.gr is not responsible for the results of these publications.

Protection of information

Crunchitas.gr makes every effort to protect your personal information. We apply procedures that involve the use of technical, management, and physical means and are designed to protect personal information from loss, misuse or modification. We limit access to personal information to people who need it for business purposes. We keep personal information only as long as we think it is reasonably necessary.

Transfer information

Crunchitas.gr can transfer your personal information to other companies owned by it and / or third parties, eg. service providers with whom it cooperates. Your personal information may be transferred, stored and processed in a country other than that in which it was collected. One of these countries is also the US. In this case, the information is transferred in accordance with applicable data protection legislation. Our procedures and controls help protect personal information regardless of the country where it is stored or transferred.

Online Privacy for Minors

We do not wish to collect personal information online from children under the age of 13, or as provided for by local law, except from child-directed websites. At these sites, we comply with the relevant data protection legislation.

Only people aged 18 and over can provide their own consent. For children under this age, the consent of parents or legal guardians is required and they are responsible for restricting access to crunchitas.gr by their own means.

Contact with crunchitas.gr

If you have any questions or you are concerned about a privacy issue, please contact crunchitas.gr directly.

The name "crunchitas.gr" in this policy refers to crunchitas.gr, a functional web site of the company's network Mihos Menelaos & Co. OE. The Company Michos Menelaos & Co. OE is the data controller of all personal data collected and used for the purposes of the Greek & European Data Protection Law through crunchitas.gr.

The official headquarters of the company are:


phone: +30 2310 425825

Data Access Request

You can request access to the data that may have been stored for you at crunchitas.gr from the following page:


Changes to this privacy policy

We will post the amendments to this privacy policy and will change the effective date when this policy is updated. In the event of significant changes to this privacy policy, you will be notified via email that will be sent to your most recent email address or by announcement at this site.

Last modified: May 24, 2018