Delicious cereal SNACK based on Wheat Flour, Semolly, Rice Flour and Corn Flour ..... 

 In the picture below. you will see their original form and the easy way of preparing !!!

CRUNCHITAS Natural Taste Snacks, Available in 3 different shapes: BALLS, OVALS & TRIANGLES

Dellicious Cereal Snack ready to Fry

Put them in a small frying pan (in their original form) with about one to two fingers oil (preferably seed oil 170-180 οC) and once they get a golden hue they are ready. Only 40-50 seconds are required for their preparation.


Once you put them in the oil, their size is expanded by 20 times !!! They do not absorb any oil !!!

Ideal accompaniment for drinks in a nice evening ... keeping you company while enjoying a nice MOVIE ... a stunning proposal for PARTIES enticing your Friends and your little friends .... A delicious choice for decorating your rich buffet. It is necessary for a delicious, healthy and very nutritious BREAKFAST as they can be accompanied with lemon and cinnamon, honey and walnuts can be stuffed with salty and sweet suggestions as they have the ability to be accompanied with Russian salad, various salty flavours, whipped cream and fruit. Chocolate as a sweet proposition. Can be accompanied instead of fried potatoes, in a dish of meat, and many other SERVICE SUGGESTIONS .....(SEE RELATED IMAGES).


They can also be accompanied on a plate of meat or chicken in place of french Fries or rice !!!

•One thing is for sure ... Crunchitas Natural Taste Snacks, came to impress, revive and thrill your palate !!!

          Try them !!!